In Message To Turkey, France & Egypt Conduct Joint Naval Exercises In Mediterranean

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jul 27, 2020 - 02:00 AM


On Saturday, the Egyptian and French naval forces carried out naval drills in the eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of the Egyptian Ghost frigate and French Ghost frigate (ACONIT).

These joint naval drills also come at a time when Egypt, Greece, France, and Cyprus are at odds with Turkey over the latter’s intervention in Libya and their oil exploration plans in the eastern Mediterranean.

Egypt and France joint naval drills this weekend, via Egyptian Army Spokesman.

According to the Egyptian army statement, “The training included many training activities of a professional nature focused on methods of organizing cooperation in the implementation of combat missions in the sea against hostile marine formations with the actual use of weapons in engagement with surface and air targets in addition to the implementation of confrontational battles, with the use of aircraft.”

The statement said, “The training showed the professionalism of the crews of ships in carrying out combat missions with accuracy and high efficiency, with a focus on common coordination points between all the common elements.”

It added that “these exercises are in the framework of supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces, and identifying the latest fighting systems and methods in a manner that contributes to honing skills and combat and operational experiences and supporting efforts of maritime security, stability and peace in the Mediterranean.”

Meanwhile on the same day, Saturday evening, the Turkish Ministry of Defense published a video clip of its own military exercises in the eastern Mediterranean region, amid heightened tensions over the Libyan crisis.

The Ministry of Defense tweeted that “Turkish fighters carried out training exercise in the eastern Mediterranean last Thursday, July 23,” without providing further details.

The spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, said earlier, that his country wants to share all natural resources in the eastern Mediterranean fairly, pointing out that Turkey will not accept letters that include a threats.

He said that “sending Egyptian forces to Libya would be a dangerous military adventure, in addition to the support that France provides to Haftar, threatens the security of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)… We are only here to protect our rights… We do not accept the language of threats or the threat of sanctions.