Thousands Crowd George Floyd Memorial In Houston; Derek Chauvin's Bail Upped To $1 Million During 1st Hearing

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 09, 2020 - 02:14 AM

Update (1500ET): The latest public service for George Floyd began in Houston Monday while Derek Chauvin, the police officer caught on video choking out Floyd with a knee on his neck, saw his bail doubled to $2 million.

Chauvin appeared in a Minneapolis court room for the first time on Monday, two weeks after Floyd's death.

Meanwhile, hundreds of mourners lined up to form a procession to Floyd's coffin inside the Fountain of Praise church. Others paid their respects at a mural of Floyd painted on a wall in his old neighborhood in Houston's Third Ward. Chauvin's bail was initially set at $500,000, and Chauvin, 44, said almost nothing during an 11-minute hearing in which he appeared before Hennepin County Judge Denise Reilly on closed-circuit TV from the state’s maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights. Chauvin's lawyer didn't contest the bail and didn't address the charges facing his client.

The public viewing for Floyd in Houston is ongoing, and interested parties can watch it live below. Floyd's funeral will be held June 11

The first memorial service for Floyd was held last Thursday in Minneapolis at North Central University's Frank J. Lindquist Sanctuary, where Rev. Al Sharpton presided and Ben Crump, the family attorney, also spoke. Another memorial service was held on June 6 in Raeford, North Carolina, the state where Floyd was born, followed by a public viewing.

The celebration of life services headed to Houston on Monday. A private funeral service will be held at the same location on June 9 at 11 a.m. local time before Floyd is buried in the same plot next to his mother.

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The media has taken great pains to protect the legitimacy of the protest movement by pushing the narrative that demonstrations were 'largely peaceful' even as protesters in the US defaced the Lincoln Memorial, and attacked a children's hospital, among other transgressions. On Sunday evening, the Minneapolis City Council sided with the radical left by voting in a veto-proof to dismantle the city's police department and replace it with a "holistic" public-safety department.

As NYPD officers in some parts of NYC smoked cigars and enjoyed ice cream while taking pictures with some marchers and motorists in a gesture of "deescalation", an armed driver in Seattle barreled into a crowd of protesters, shooting one person who reportedly tried to stop him, before surrendering to police.

At least, that was the description of the incident provided by the media: Video shows the motorist driving into a "barricade" in the middle of the street, then whipping out his gun after a protester reached his hand inside the man's vehicle. The shooter is in custody, and the protester who was shot is in stable condition.

Sunday marked the 10th consecutive day of protests in the city. After "banning" the use of teargas on Friday, Seattle police used gas, smokebombs and flash-bang grenades to bring the crowd of protesters under control early Monday morning.

Over in the UK, one of the dozens of countries that saw "solidarity" protests spring up over the weekend, statues of Winston Churchill and Edward Colston (a philanthropist who earned most of his money in the slave trade) were defaced or destroyed. When a group of British conservatives showed up to protect a Churchill statue along one of the march's routes, Metropolitan Police asked them to move.

Looking ahead, there are two important events on the calendar: Mourners will be able to view George Floyd’s casket Monday in Houston, a city widely identified as Floyd's "hometown". It's the final stop in a series of memorials in Floyd's honor.The six-hour viewing will be held Monday at The Fountain of Praise church in southwest Houston. The viewing is open to the public, though visitors will be required to wear a mask and gloves.

The funeral is set for Tuesday in Houston. Floyd will be buried at the Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery in suburban Pearland, where he will be laid to rest next to his mother, Larcenia Floyd.

Democratic contender Joe Biden plans to travel to Houston to meet with Floyd’s family and will provide a video message for Floyd’s funeral service, the AP reports. Though Biden won't be attending the service.

Monday also marks the first court appearance of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police Officer charged with 2nd degree murder in Floyd's killing.

While 'woke' protesters focus on the "movement's" new goal of dismantling police departments across the country, everybody - including the media  - seems to have ignored another bloody summer weekend in Chicago, now that the 'killing season' - which typically begins memorial day weekend - is well underway.

Meanwhile, according to data shared with the New York Post, murders and shootings in NYC skyrocketed last week.