North Korea's Kim Slams Trump's "Gangster-Like Demands", Warns Of "New Strategic Weapon"

It appears North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un decided a New Year's Eve 'gift' was better than Christmas.

According to Yonhap news, reporting on a KCNA report, North Korea will continue building up its nuclear deterrent to counter US aggression, but the degree to which it expands its weapons program will depend on the US’ attitude.

Calling out US insincerity regarding discussions about the partial lifting of sanctions, Kim blasted Washington’s “gangster-like demands” as the reason no agreement had yet been reached between the two countries.

The more the US stalls for time, Kim said, the more it will find itself “helpless in the face of North Korean power."

Finally, Kim warned that North Korea has a “new strategic weapon” up its sleeve, and time was running out before his government would be moved to take “shocking actual action.”

...and a happy new year to you too!

Notably, as BNO points out, all of the current news alerts are based on a KCNA report regarding yesterday's plenary meetings. Kim has not delivered his speech yet.