Pakistan Navy Intercepts Indian Submarine In Maritime Border Breach, Blasts "Deplorable" Aggression 

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 - 08:25 PM

Pakistan's Navy announced on Tuesday that days ago it detected an Indian Navy submarine preparing to breach its territorial waters, for which it responded and "blocked" the vessel

This as a strict ceasefire has been in place along all border regions since early this year following recent tensions, particularly in disputed Kashmir, where in 2019 an Indian jet was shot down and the ejected pilot briefly held by Pakistan's military. The Pakistani military statement indicated the incident happened on October 16, and it even released video which it says confirms the incident. 

The navy statement indicated that a Pakistan long-range maritime patrol aircraft had "detected and blocked" the vessel "from entering Pakistani waters".

Further a Pakistani Armed Forces media statement hailed the navy's "unremitting vigilance and professional competence," saying further that "During the prevailing security milieu, a strict monitoring watch has been kept by Pakistan Navy to safeguard maritime frontiers", according to an ISPR statement.

It further blasted Indian aggression and "machinations" along the border

"The recent incident reflects the deplorable Indian machinations vis-à-vis commitment and resolve of Pakistan Navy to defend maritime frontiers of the motherland."

It's being widely described as the third submarine intercept incident in five years between the nuclear armed powers. India did not immediately respond to the allegations. 

Illustrative: Indian Navy

"The previous two submarine interceptions occurred in late 2016 and early 2019," UPI writes. "Officials said the sub was found about 176 miles south of Karachi, just inside the boundary of Pakistan's Exclusive Economic Zone."

If the Pakistan Navy's location information is accurate, "The position would be just inside the boundary of Pakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), an area of coastal water and seabed that countries have exclusive economic rights over, under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea," according to Al Jazeera.