People Surprised And Worried By UK Army Ad Showing Exclusively White People

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 - 12:45 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

People have expressed ominous surprise that the British military is once again targeting white men in recruitment ads, with some seeing it as a sign that war is coming.

“After being totally dismissed from adverts for years now, the lesser spotted white male is now seemingly making quite the comeback for UK Military Ads,” commented an X user.

The UK Army clip in question appears to feature exclusively white people and features no diversity whatsoever, despite previous military ads and TV commercials in general being full of it.

It shows a white British soldier and his comrades, who all appear to be white too, helping a group of anguished people, who are also entirely white, evacuate an area.

“What’s your gut saying? Do nothing? Or help? You’ve got the instincts. Now get the training,” says a voiceover.

“When the UK Military start putting out new adverts, actually featuring White Men, you best believe they’re taking us to war,” commented one individual.

Previous ads for the UK Army have leaned heavily on diversity, including one from 2018 that showed a Muslim soldier praying.

Another respondent remarked that the ad is, “First person COD style, trying to appeal to the kids,” a reference to the popular Call of Duty video game series.

The ad is almost certainly meant to appeal to white recruits to try and boost flagging numbers after a sustained period of fixating on diversity, a policy which even led to the UK Army relaxing its security checks on applicants from overseas.

Last year it was also revealed that the Royal Air Force had openly discriminated against white recruits by fast-tracking ethnic minority and female recruits into training slots.

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