Putin On G7 Seized Assets Plan: "Despite All The Trickery, Theft Is Still Theft"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 15, 2024 - 12:45 PM

After on Thursday Group of Seven leaders agreed at a summit in Italy to give Ukraine $50 billion utilizing interest from frozen Russian Central Bank assets, President Putin has addressed the move during a speech before his Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He once again denounced this as brazen 'threft' and described that Western leaders are trying to come up with "some kind of legal basis" for the asset freezes, "but despite all the trickery, theft is still theft and will not go unpunished."

European Council President Charles Michel had announced the day prior, "Russia has to pay." 

And President Biden had said, "I’m very pleased to share that this week the G7 signed a plan to finalize and unlock $50 billion from the proceeds of those frozen [Russian] assets, to put that money to work for Ukraine, [in] another reminder to Putin that we’re not backing down.'

Putin also warned that if the West steals Russia's sovereign assets, then anyone it is proof that "anyone" could be next.

Additionally, following up on Putin's words Alexander Bespalov, co-chair of the Investment Russia public organization, addressed the G7 plan:

"The idea of issuing any loans to Ukraine is inherently hopeless because only a person who is extremely detached from life and reality can suppose that it may win a conflict with Russia. Ukraine is already in a losing position. This is clear to everyone, and from an economic point of view there will be no growth or the capability to return loans in the next decades. So what we see is yet another attempt to establish some formal economic foundation to provide money for Ukraine’s military needs," he told Izvestia.

In Putin's remarks before diplomats, he at one point asserted that Moscow did not start the war. Instead, "In the West, the thesis that Russia started the war within the framework of a special military operation, that it is the aggressor, is constantly being repeated," he explained.

Meanwhile days ago Sen. Lindsey Graham had a 'saying the quiet part out loud' moment...

"Therefore, it is possible to attack its territory with Western weapons. Allegedly, Ukraine defends itself and can do so," the president said. "I would like to emphasize once again that Russia did not start the war. It is the Kiev regime, after the citizens of a part of Ukraine declared their independence in accordance with international law, that started hostilities and continues them. This is aggression."