Putin Thanks Trump For A Very Real 'Christmas Gift'

Even though Kim Jong Un's threatened "Christmas gift" to the US never materialized, it does appear that President Trump did give Russia a sincere Christmas gift which may have saved many lives. 

The two leaders spoke in a holiday phone call on Sunday in which Putin thanked Trump for providing information which the Russian president said helped security services foil terror attacks over the holidays. Specifically it was a plot set to take place during New Year celebrations.

Via Kremlin.ru

Putin thanked Trump "for information transmitted through the special services that helped prevent the completion of terrorist acts in Russia," according to a Kremlin statement. A White House statement also confirmed as much.

It appears US intelligence provided information which identified two Russian suspects who were plotting to target St. Petersburg during upcoming New Year's Eve celebrations.

According to details obtained by the AP:

Based on the U.S. information, the Russian security forces detained two Russians suspected of preparing to carry out terrorist acts in St. Petersburg during the upcoming holiday, state news agency Tass reported, citing the Federal Security Service.

The security service said it obtained the information from its "American partners." It said it seized material from the suspects that confirms they were preparing terrorist acts, with no further details.

During the reportedly warm and cordial holiday catch-up chat the two leaders agreed to further focus on cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts.

Putin's office said that “an agreement was made to continue bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism.”

The call was said to have been initiated by the Russian side in order to directly voice appreciation for such crucial intelligence sharing which thwarted a potential major disaster. 

However, the usual MSM pundits still managed to find something nefarious in the suspiciously "chummy" holiday chat and are demanding "answers".