Republican Senator "Can’t Rule Out" Revelations In Explosive Hersh Report

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Feb 11, 2023 - 01:00 AM

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah is a lone Congressional voice this week who admitted that Seymour Hersh's explosive report How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline has given him serious pause.

He wrote on Twitter that he "can’t immediately rule out" the idea that the US was behind the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline sabotage. Importantly, he inquired of fellow Senators over whether they had been tipped off or notified by the Biden administration of any covert ops related to the Nord Stream pipelines.

He had retweeted The Daily Mail's coverage of the bombshell Hersh article while commenting: "I’m troubled that I can’t immediately rule out the suggestion that the U.S. blew up Nord Stream."

He added: "I checked with a bunch of Senate colleagues. Among those I’ve asked, none were ever briefed on this. If it turns out to be true, we’ve got a huge problem."

Importantly, the Hersh report asserted that Congress wasn't notified of the secret plan carried out by the CIA utilizing an elite team of Navy deep-sea divers because it was intentionally downgraded from being deemed a covert operation (which would require Congressional notification). Hersh had cited a source "with direct knowledge of the operational planning."

Instead, says the Hersh report, the sabotage operation became formally a "highly classified intelligence operation with US military support" and that the change meant that there was "no longer a legal requirement to report the operation to Congress."

A Daily Mail graphic presenting the operation as revealed in the Hersh report:

Despite Sen. Lee highlighting the revelations, the White House press pool has remained silent in terms of pressing the Biden admin. on the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist's findings.

However, on Thursday a reporter in the State Department's daily briefing room did inquire of the Hersh report. State Dept spokesman Ned Price tried to bat it down and move on, dismissing Hersh's reporting "utter and complete nonsense" and which should "be rejected out of hand by anyone looking at it through an objective lens."

Watch the tense exchange below: