Buffet-Goers Beware: Shocking Video Shows Just How Easily Coronavirus Can Spread

An experiment recently carried out by Japanese TV News channel NHK in partnership with a team of scientists demonstrated how easily the virus could spread at a crowded event.

The 10 test subjects who agreed to participate in the experiment were asked to serve themselves as they normally would at a buffet - a popular style of serving found on cruise ships and in Vegas.

One of the guests - the "sick" one - had a smear of flourescent paint on his hand.

After eating and chatting for a few hours, the lights in the room went out and UV blacklights were turned on.

What the test subjects saw shocked many of them, and probably sent at least a few viewers scrambling for the bathroom with a weak stomach.

The flourescent paint seemed to have spread everywhere - it was on plates, tables, chairs, all over the buffet - one test subject even had some on their face.

Watch a clip from the experiment below, courtesy of Now This News:

Keep in mind, this is just a demonstration, and is meant to approximate how a virus might spread; it's not supposed to mimic the exact mechanics of SARS-Cov-2 as most studies have yet to be peer reviewed.