Switzerland Has The World's Best Postal Service, US Is 7th...

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 - 08:15 AM

In the latest Postal Development Report, the Universal Postal Union looks at the postal services of 169 countries and ranks them based on four main components - reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong reports, top of the pile in 2021 was Switzerland - a regular fixture in the number one spot.

Infographic: The World's Best Postal Services | Statista

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Compared to the 2020 ranking, all countries in the top ten aside from Switzerland and France saw a decrease in their index scores.

The largest decrease was recorded by the Netherlands postal service - PostNL - which lost over 8 index points, taking it from fourth to sixth in the ranking. Elsewhere in the list, Latvia saw the largest improvement, with +18.47. The lowest ranked postal service was that of Haiti, followed closely by Mozambique.

The majority of services saw a decrease in their index scores in 2021. As described by UPU: "Logistical bottlenecks experienced in 2020 have severely affected the reliability of postal operations, with average domestic delivery times increasing by 13% in 2020 with respect to 2019."

Adding: "Even if disruptions in global supply chains are eventually absorbed, gaps in postal development are likely to remain a considerable challenge for the sector in the coming years."