Trudeau Uninvited From NBC Talk Show Amid Backlash To 'Blackface' Scandal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered his second apology in two days late Thursday following the emergence of more photos of him wearing blackface. And in a sign that the backlash to Trudeau's 'brownface' scandal is only beginning, the prime minister has been dis-invited from an American late-night show, the Independent reports.

Trudeau was scheduled to appear on YouTube star Lilly Singh's new show, but NBC confirmed that his scheduled appearance had been cancelled in the wake of the controversy. NBC added that it has no plans to invite him back to the show, "A Little Late with Lilly Singh," which is the first on the network to be presented by a woman of color.

Trudeau had filmed a pre-recorded "comedy clip" and wished Singh, a Canadian-Indian star, "good luck" on Twitter ahead of the show's first episode, which was filmed on Monday.

But on Wednesday, Time Magazine published a photo of a 29-year-old Trudeau in 'brownface' during an 'Arabian Nights'-themed party. Trudeau swiftly apologized, but more embarrassing photos of the prime minister emerged on Thursday. Trudeau has declined to say how many times he has worn blackface.

All of this is happening at the worst possible time for Trudeau, who launched his re-election campaign last week. Before the incident, his Liberal Party was polling neck-and-neck with their rival Conservatives.