Trump Sues Christopher Steele Over Hoax Dossier

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Oct 01, 2023 - 05:25 PM

Former President Trump is suing Christopher Steele, the former MI-6 spook who assembled the infamous "Steele Dossier," a collection of fabricated Kremliny rumors about Donald Trump, which was funded by Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign via a law firm intermediary, and primarily sub-sourced from a Russian analyst, Igor Danchenko - who was later found not guilty of giving false statements to the FBI.

After the former spy was commissioned by Fusion GPS, a DC-based intelligence outfit hired by the DNC and Clinton's campaign for various election-related deeds (and which employed the wife of a high-ranking DOJ official, and was accused of taking money from the Russian government, and met with the Russian Trump Tower meeting operative hours before she met Don Jr. to allegedly offer 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton's activities in Russia), the Steele Dossier was made public in January 2017 after BuzzFeed published several memos written by Steele, purporting to detail Trump's alleged "activities in Russia."

Yes, the same Russia where a Hunter Biden-linked company accepted a $3.5 million payment from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow in 2014, who Joe Biden met with according to former Hunter partner Devon Archer. And the same Russia where Bill Clinton snagged $500k for a 2010 speech & hung out with Russian President Vladimir Putin at his house, right before the Uranium One deal went down with the Hillary-run State Department (and Bill sought State's permission to meet with a Russian nuclear official).

The documents don’t indicate what decision the State Department finally made. But current and former aides to both Clintons told The Hill on Thursday the request to meet the various Russians came from other people, and the ex-president’s aides and State decided in the end not to hold any of the meetings with the Russians on the list.

Bill Clinton instead got together with Vladimir Putin at the Russian leader’s private homestead. -The Hill


The Steele dossier was used by the Obama DOJ and the intelligence community to smear Trump as a Russian asset. Its various fabrications were legitimized under the guise of a legitimate DOJ investigation, and featured frequent strategic media leaks, 'expert' opinions, and manipulated evidence such as an email altered by former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, which was used to renew a wiretap warrant on Trump Campaign adviser Carter Page.

Then there was the fraudulent 'Alfa Bank Server' allegation made by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who pleaded guilty to not telling the FBI that he was Hillary's employee when he alleged that Trump was directly communicating with the Kremlin via a covert server.

Steele peddled the dossier to the State Department - which then passed it along to former FBI deputy assistant director of counterintelligence Peter 'We'll stop Trump' Strzok. Steele also met with the DOJ's Bruce Ohr (whose wife, as we noted above, Fusion GPS employee), who he told that Russia had Trump "over a barrel."

Left to right: Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, Bruce Ohr

(Bruce Ohr was consequentially demoted for making "consequential errors in judgement" for failing to inform his supervisors for his role in Russiagate, and retired on Sept. of 2020 "after his counsel was informed that a final decision on a disciplinary review being conducted by Department senior career officials was imminent").

Then there was the infamous 'pee tape' allegation that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate in a bed in Moscow where Barack and Michelle Obama had stayed, and that the Kremlin had a tape of the whole thing.

The 35-page dossier was publicly disavowed by high ranking FBI officials, including the bureau's former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who told lawmakers in November 2020 that he would have never approved the Carter Page wiretap if he'd known the dossier was inaccurate.

And now, Trump is suing Steele...

According to the Independent, the 77-year-old former president is bringing a data protection claim against Steele, and his consulting firm Orbis Business Intelligence, in the UK.

"Proceedings have been issued on behalf of President Donald J. Trump against Orbis Business Intelligence Limited. The claim relates to breaches of UK Data Protection law arising from the inaccurate processing of the President’s personal data by Orbis following the publication of the false ‘Steele Dossier,’" said Trump attorney Tim Lowles.

"The President’s claim seeks remedies including that the inaccurate data contained within the Steele Dossier be erased or rectified together with the payment of damages," the statement continues.

On October 16, a two-day hearing will commence according to the report, citing a High Court order published Thursday.

Steele has defended his work, telling the Oxford Union in March 2022: "What is being called the dossier was actually a series of single-source intelligence reports over a period of time, if you like, almost a running commentary on the election campaign and Russia’s perspective on it — and it comes from the Russian perspective of the telescope if you like," adding "The sources were Russian, they were reporting on how Russia saw it, and of course, that may in some cases be rather different than how it was viewed in America at the other end of the telescope."