Trust In America Wanes Amid "Defeated Party"-Fomented Social Unrest, Says Putin 

The death of George Floyd ignited nationwide unrest for weeks as social justice warriors combated police, while others looted stores, torched police cars and building structures. The unrest was fueled by extreme wealth inequality and economic collapse - combine the two, and the country is experiencing one of the worst socio-economic implosions in its existence.

At the moment, there are no signs this unraveling of society, and or even the pandemic is decreasing - the image of the country has been tarnished, and now, there's a credibility issue emerging with America on the world stage. 

Russian news agency TASS quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday as saying President Vladimir Putin is very concerned about how much he can trust agreements with President Trump amid ongoing social unrest, reported Reuters

Peskov also said there is an increasing unpredictability in actions by Washington, and this is bothering world leaders. 

Putin was interviewed last Sunday (June 14), where he said social unrest across the US reveals a deep internal crisis in the country.

 "What has happened [in the US] is the manifestation of some deep domestic crises," he said, noting that this crisis was festering well before President Trump took office.

"When he won, and his victory was absolutely obvious and democratic, the defeated party invented all sorts of bogus stories just to call into question his legitimacy," he added.

Putin pointed out the biggest problem of the US political system is the parties and their special interest of people behind the scenes. 

"It seems to me that the problem is that group party interests, in this case, are placed above the interests of the entire society and the interests of people," Putin said.

While commenting on domestic issues, Putin said his government has been combating the virus with minimal losses. He said that was not the case in the US, adding the failures of the US' "management system" led to inadequate response and widespread destruction.

To sum up, the American hegemon is on shaky ground as it has been paralyzed by the pandemic and ongoing social unrest in major metros - now world leaders are starting to recognize the empire is in decline.