Turkey To Test Russian S-400 Missile Defense Systems Over Ankara

Turkish warplanes will fly over Ankara on Monday to test new Russian S-400 missile defense systems, reported Reuters. This comes at a challenging time for Washington as it has demanded Turkey abandoned the use of Russian missile technology. 

Despite President Trump's recent meetings with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, describing them as "wonderful," it seems that relations between both countries are expected to sour this week when Turkish F-16 Fighting Falcons will conduct simulated bombing missions over Ankara so that the Turkish military can test new Russian S-400s

The tests are expected to start on Monday and last through Tuesday. 

Citizens of Ankara will hear warplanes buzzing overhead, but not to be alarmed that it's not another coup -- but rather a test of a new missile defense system. 

A senior US State Department official told Erdogan last Thursday that he must "get rid of" the S-400s.

Washington recently suspended the F-35 Lightning II stealth program with Turkey over the acquisition of the S-400s.

The Trump administration and Washington are furious at Erdogan for not purchasing the US patriot missile system. 

If the tests are conducted early this week, this will undoubtedly anger Trump, who could lash out at Turkey with new sanctions or increased ones from the past. 

The news of the test has already weakened the Turkish lira. 

Turkish stocks have been pushed lower on the news.