UK PM Rishi Sunak Calls For New Police Powers To Stop "Illegal Protests"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022 - 09:15 AM

Problem - Reaction - Solution.  British Prime Minister and billionaire associate of the World Economic Forum Rishi Sunak is calling for draconian police powers to deal with "illegal protests," using the disruptive glue-happy traffic activism of groups like Just Stop Oil as a rationale. 

To be sure, no one likes the fanaticism of Extinction Rebellion protesters, primarily because their movement is based on fear mongering over non-existent man-made global warming.  People are not going to be inspired by activists gluing themselves to roads and blocking traffic over a temperature increase of less than 1 degree Celsius in a century.  The problem is that the actions of these protesters are being exploited by government officials in order to con the public into supporting police powers that could be used against more legitimate freedom movements tomorrow.

The prime minister states: "My view is that those who break the law should feel the full force of it."

Rishi Sunak is a billionaire magnate that is tied to a company out of Indonesia called Infosys through his wife's family.  Infosys operates in numerous sectors including job outsourcing, but it is also focused on developing bank lending methods using social credit score metrics that analyze people's behavior, language, social media history, etc.  He is also an avid proponent of CBDCs and has numerous connections to the globalist World Economic Forum.  Here is Sunak promoting Net Zero carbon policies two years ago for the WEF:

In other words, Sunak and his elitist cohorts are responsible for helping to promote the very climate change fear mongering that has inspired mindless movements like Just Stop Oil.  Now, he is trying to use that hysteria as a reason to crack down on protests in general.

It should be noted that it is already against the law for people to block road traffic in the UK, for any reason.  New police powers are not necessary to deal with this issue.  What Sunak really wants is a legal framework to suppress all protests, by asserting the authority to designate some protests "illegal."  Proving once again that there are no real conservative political leaders in the UK, Sunak presents a potential Trojan Horse.  While appealing to people's frustration over climate alarmists, the PM is himself a climate alarmist with suspicious intentions.