UN Deletes Weird 'Satirical' Article Celebrating Benefits Of World Hunger After Backlash

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jul 08, 2022 - 01:00 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The United Nations was forced to delete a weird ‘satirical’ article which celebrated the ‘benefits’ of world hunger after an online backlash.

Originally published in 2008, the article, titled ‘The Benefits of World Hunger’, was recently reposted to the UN’s Chronicle magazine.

“We sometimes talk about hunger in the world as if it were a scourge that all of us want to see abolished,” wrote the author, Professor George Kent from the University of Hawaii.

Kent added that hunger was actually, “A great positive value to many people. Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world’s economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labour.”

The article asserted that there was no incentive for the global elite to end world hunger, with Kent writing, “if there were no hunger in the world, who would plow the fields?… Who would clean our toilets?… For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.”

The piece was deleted from the UN website after attracting negative attention from alternative media outlets.

As we document in the video below, technocratic globalist green agenda policies are threatening to cause world hunger.

Farmers in the Netherlands, which is one of the largest exporters of meat in the world, have been told they’ll have to comply with draconian nitrogen emissions cuts.

This will force many of them to shut down their farms for good, risking the food security of hundreds of millions of people at a time when food inflation and a cost of living crisis is already in full swing.

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