'Ungrateful Bastard': Kyle Bass Unloads On CCP Mouthpiece In Coronavirus Twitter Feud

As evidence mounts that China's response to the coronavirus has been as much (if not more) about controlling the narrative than containing the outbreak, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass put CCP mouthpiece Hu Xijin in his place after the Global Times EIC criticized US humanitarian relief as "belated," and suggested that US offers of help are more talk than action.

"You ungrateful bastard," Bass replied in a now-deleted tweet, adding "We should take our supplies and go back home. Let the chinese virus rampage through the ranks of the GT and the rest of the communist party."

Hu then tried to make Bass apologize for 'bringing shame' to the investment community, and said he should apologize to Chinese citizens - including Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who tried to raise the alarm about the new coronavirus in December, caught the virus, and died last week after many believe he was either tortured, denied care, or worse.

Bass had none of that - responding "I will not. You arrested, censured, and ‘punished’ (only God knows what you did to him and the other 7 doctors) the heroes of Wuhan. You are a disgrace to humanity," adding that the Global Times should do a special on organ harvesting - linking to activist website China Tribunal.

The founder and CIO of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management explained to Bloomberg that he deleted his tweet because he "felt that it was too harsh for the rank and file" of the Global Times, but that he will "never apologize to a self-righteous, attempted manipulator of public opinion," referring to Hu.

In recent weeks, Bass has been more critical than usual of the CCP - openly posing the question of why we should Trust China when they've proven themselves to be liars.

Meanwhile, China's consul general in Kolkata lost his cool after someone questioned the CCP's response to the virus.