Unhinged Woman Pepper Sprays Man For Not Wearing Facemask In Public Park

As the debate over mandatory mask orders continues as American's coronavirus summer of discontent grates on, one woman was allegedly caught on video pepper spraying a stranger after confronting him for not wearing his mask outdoors in a dog park.

Nevermind the fact that the coughing and tearing induced by pepper spraying a subject would only serve to spread the virus, there aren't really any defensible reasons for confronting somebody for not wearing their mask outside. Somebody throwing a tantrum after being asked to put on a mask is one thing; but a man minding his own business being suddenly attacked? That doesn't exactly paint the hard core "wear your mask or else" crowd in the best light.

According to KTVU, a San Diego woman posted a video of a stranger attacking her husband with pepper spray for allegedly not wearing a coronavirus mask at a San Diego dog park while having lunch.

"That is me crying hysterically in the background because my innocent husband just got maced for no reason," Ash O’Brien said in a Facebook post sharing the video.

O’Brien told KGTV the incident unfolded last Thursday afternoon at the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in San Diego.

The couple brought their puppy, a small pug, to the park for lunch and a walk. Shortly after they arrived, another woman who was wearing a mask quickly confronted the couple.

"Automatically started saying stuff, us not wearing a mask when we were social distancing," she told the station. "There was no one near us. Wherever it’s required we wear it."

O’Brien said the angry fellow park patron was apparently angry they were eating in the park. O'Brien added that they weren't made aware until later that there was an ordinance prohibiting food in the park.

O’Brien told the station that after going to the hospital, they went to the police station to file a complaint accusing the woman of assault.

"I want her to go to jail when she assaulted my husband and I’m angry about it," O'Brien said.

If there's one silver lining here, at least the pepper sprayer didn't call the police, and instead decided to handle the situation herself. Now, if only she would learn to use her words...