US Authorities Arrest Two Men Wanted By Japan Over Carlos Ghosn's Great Escape

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 10:10 AM

US authorities arrested a former special operations soldier and another man in Massachusetts Wednesday morning wanted by the Japanese government for their alleged roles in former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn's great escape from Japan to Turkey and from there to Lebanon.

Bloomberg reports Michael L. Taylor (former US Army Special Forces) and Peter Maxwell Taylor, his son, face possible extradition for their involvement in the escape. Court records show both men are scheduled to appear by video in Massachusetts federal court on Wednesday afternoon. 

US prosecutors requested the federal court deny bail for both men while they await extradition, indicating that both are "not just capable of fleeing while on bond" but are "expert[s] on the subject." 

Michael Taylor 

The exact details are scant of their involvement but come two weeks after Turkish prosecutors charged four pilots, an airline company executive, and two flight attendants for their involvement in the escape. 

Bloomberg notes the Taylors and another man, George-Antoine Zayek, are suspected of transporting Ghosn to the airport. 

Mapping Carlos Ghosn's great escape from Japan to Turkey and from there to Lebanon

Ghosn, who was arrested for alleged financial crimes in Tokyo in 2018, skipped bail while awaiting trial in Japan in 2019. By late December, he was packed into an instrument case at his apartment, where he fled Japan on Turkish airline company MNG Jet. The carrier falsified flight records, so Ghosn did not appear on the records. Days later, he eventually arrived in Lebanon. 

The case that Ghosn was allegedly smuggled out of Japan inside 

Ghosn was the former boss at Nissan for two decades -- he has claimed his innocents and said the reason he escaped is that he would not get a fair trial in Japan.