California Reports Record Jump As US COVID-19 Cases Top 12 Million; NY Sees Most New Cases In Months: Live Updates

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 - 05:15 PM


  • NY reports another 5,972 new cases
  • California reports record jump
  • Wisconsin deaths top 3k
  • Illinois new cases top 13k
  • US cases top 12 million
  • US mortality rate rises
  • Germany tops 900k cases
  • Spain announces vaccination program start dates
  • US hospitalizations rise
  • Poland reopens malls
  • WHO criticizes Europe
  • Hungary deaths see new record

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Update (1650ET): Gov Andrew Cuomo has just released the latest daily NY numbers, and for the first time since the spring, the Empire State has reported nearly 6k new cases in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, in hard-hit El Paso, members of the Texas National Guard have been dispatched to help with "mortuary assistance."

For those who don't understand what that means: they're helping load up the bodies into refrigerated trucks.

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Update (1550ET): Despite Gov Gavin Newsom imposing the tightest level of restrictions affecting 94% of California's 40 million or so people, the Golden State still reported another record jump in new cases on Saturday, surpassing a daily record set months ago. 

State health officials reported 15,442 new cases, bringing the statewide total to 1,087,714. Another 86 deaths were reported on Saturday, bringing the state's death toll to 18,643.

Cali asn't the only state to see record new numbers on Saturday. Wisconsin, one of the hardest hit states, just crossed the 3,000-death milestone after reporting 51 new deaths on Saturday for a total of 3,005. Wisconsin also reported another 6,224 new cases, while Illinois - another hard-hit midwestern state - topped 13k (13,012).

Saturday's numbers brought the US total case number north of 12 million less than a week after the tally topped 11 million.

As the US continued to see record case numbers, the UK reported 19,875 new cases on Saturday, seeing its daily numbers duck back below 20k. After the mayor of Istanbul imposed tight new restrictions, Turkey also reported a record jump in new cases on Saturday with just over 5,500 new cases.

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Now that Pfizer has officially filed for its emergency-use approval from the FDA, markets will be on tenterhooks until the approval is either handed down, or blocked for some 'unforeseeable' reason.

In the meantime, markets' attention has shifted back toward the numbers as new cases swell and 1 in 5 hospitals around the country are in danger of facing staff shortages.

The US reported 1,870 fatalities on Friday, in a week in which the death rate increased pretty rapidly.

Hospitalizations in the US have reached a new record, with the midwestern prarie states seeing the highest rates of hospitalizations.

Across Europe, outbreaks have finally started to slow as new lockdown measures show their impact, though deaths and hospitalizations remain elevated.

Spain’s campaign to vaccinate its population is slated to begin in January and will be voluntary, according to local media reports, citing Health Minister Salvador Illa.

Spain expects to vaccinate about half its people by May, Illa said. The government plans to reveal further details of its vaccination strategy later this month.

In Poland, a brief series of closures is coming to an end, as shopping malls will reopen while keeping restaurants, movie theaters and schools closed as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki asks the population for 'patience' until a vaccine arrives.

Over in Geneva, the WHO's Special Envoy criticized the initial European response from the spring as "incomplete", complaining that Europe failed to learn from Asian states like South Korea, which have successfully managed the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

As European countries started to report Saturday's numbers, Germany's RKI said the country added nearly 23,000 new cases on Saturday, lifting its total north of 900,000, and putting it on track to become the next European country to top 1 million cases.

Here's some more COVID-19 news from overnight and Saturday morning:

Hungary suffers a record 121 deaths from the virus on Saturday though the number of hospitalized patients and new infections continued to level off (Source: Bloomberg).

Russia sees record 467 deaths from the virus over the past 24 hours bringing the "official" death toll to 35,778 (Source: Bloomberg).

CanSino said surging COVID cases around the world will allow it to quickly reach the infection thresholds to analyze the efficacy of its single-shot vaccine (Source: Bloomberg).

Hong Kong added 45 new coronavirus cases Saturday, the highest daily toll in three months, after the city imposed new social restrictions (Source: Bloomberg).