US Expels Saudi Servicemen Over Extremist Ties And Pedophilia In Wake Of Pensacola Shooting

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 - 10:15 AM

Over a dozen Saudi trainees stationed at US military installations will be expelled from the country following an investigation stemming from a deadly December shooting at a Navy base in Pensacola, Florida, according to CNN.

While the expelled students aren't accused of aiding 21-year-old Saudi Air Force second lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani - who murdered three US sailors and injured 12 after watching mass shooting videos the night before with three friends who filmed the attack the next day - several of them were found to have ties to extremist movements and/or were in possession of child pornography.

About a dozen Saudi trainees at the Pensacola base had been confined to their quarters as the FBI investigated the shooting as a potential terror attack, and the Pentagon initiated a review of all Saudi military trainees in the country, numbering around 850 students.

The Justice Department is expected to conclude that the Pensacola shooting was in fact an act of terrorism, according to a US official.

No co-conspirators have been charged as part of the investigation, and the Saudi government has pledged its full support. -CNN

According to the New York Times, Alshamrani and his three friends visited New York City with his three friends in the days leading up to the shooting - visiting several museums and Rockefeller Center.

His rampage spanned two floors in a classroom, according to Sheriff David Morgan of Escambia Country. Two deputies were injured in the shooting. The Saudi trainee used a locally bought Glock 45 9mm handgun with an extended magazine, and was carrying between four and six more magazines.

In his last message on Twitter confirmed by AFP, Alshamrani wrote that America is a nation of evil.