Iran Puts Air Defenses On 'High Alert' Following Unexplained Blasts

CNN is reporting late this week that US intelligence has observed that Iran has put parts of its anti-air missile defense system on "high alert" following multiple unexplained blasts and fires and sensitive military, industrial, and nuclear sites.

The report cites "several" intelligence indications according to the unnamed intel official. It also comes at a moment of wide speculation that either Israel or the US is behind some of the recent spate of explosions. Lately Israeli officials have strongly suggested that this is indeed the case. 

Anti-air defense system, file image.

"The change in alert status means Iranian surface-to-air missile batteries would be ready to fire at targets perceived to be a threat," CNN writes.

"The official would not say how the US picked up on these indicators, but American satellites, spy planes, and ships routinely operate in nearby international airspace and waters where they continuously monitor Iranian activity," it continues.

The report speculated that it's possible the change in anti-air alert status is due to military training exercises; however, it's more likely the Islamic Republic now sees itself as under attack.

Over the past month there's been well over a half-dozen major blasts, with one at a ballistic missile site, and another at Natanz nuclear facility. 

The CNN report points toward the new alert status as specifically a likely response to the Natanz destruction, the explanation of which is still deeply uncertain.