US Lawmaker Condemns Attack On Crimea Beach With American Weapons

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 24, 2024 - 10:00 PM

The Kremlin on Monday called the Sunday strike from Ukraine on a crowded Sevastopol beach "barbaric" and accused the US of "killing Russian children" - given that ATACMS missiles were allegedly used. The attack killed four people, including two children, and injured over 150 more.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a statement while in Minsk that the US-supplied system "cannot be used without the direct participation of the American military, including satellite capabilities." He reiterated there will be consequences. 

This angry denunciation from Moscow is to be expected, but much more rare is that a sitting Congressional member agrees that Washington should have no business assisting with attacks on Russian civilians who are on vacation at beaches.

Congresswoman and outspoken conservative Marjorie Taylor Greene has said this simply shouldn't be happening in a fresh message on X.

"This should not be happening," Greene posted. "Imagine if Russia, using a Russian satellite, fired cluster munitions on a Florida beach.”

The Georgia Republican added: "The only border our American military should be defending is our own border."

The author of the original post she was commenting on issued the question: "Are winning hearts and minds? How hard will [US President Joe] Biden continue to poke the bear ahead of the November elections?"

The Biden administration and Pentagon officials have lately claimed that Kiev is only authorized to attack military targets as a 'defensive' measure when it comes to cross-border attacks utilizing American weapons. But few believe Ukraine's military is going to take these 'limits' seriously, especially given heavy losses it is experiencing along the front lines.

Already Ukraine has been struggling through nationwide rolling blackouts due to stepped-up airstrikes and drone attacks primarily targeting the nation's energy infrastructure, but it is likely about to get harder as Russian aerial forces retaliate.

Moscow is likely seeking to obliterate especially foreign weapons storehouses and is searching out Pentagon-supplied ATACMS systems being used in these devastating cross-border attacks.