Ukraine Bans Dual Citizens From Escaping War, US Embassy Warns

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 06, 2024 - 10:30 PM

The US Embassy in Ukraine this week issued a surreal and somewhat unexpected warning: US-Ukrainian dual citizens may be prevented from leaving Ukraine under the country's new mobilization law.

As a result of martial law which took effect after the February 2022 invasion, Ukrainian males ages 18 to 60 are not allowed the leave the country. But until now there were exceptions for dual US-Ukrainian nationals; however, a fresh update in the national law means Americans can now be rounded up by conscription officers and potentially thrown to the front lines.

"The US Embassy in Kyiv understands that, effective June 1, Ukraine has eliminated a ‘residence abroad’ exception that previously allowed certain Ukrainian males aged 18 to 60 to depart the country. After this change, US-Ukrainian dual citizens, including those who live in the United States, may no longer be able to depart the country," the US Embassy announced Tuesday.

Via Kyiv Post

This is essentially the government of Ukraine also saying that it doesn't recognize dual citizenship. 

While outlining the change in policy, coming amid growing desperation of Kiev authorities to tap new manpower, the US State Department is apparently going to stand back and let it happen.

The Embassy explained in its message that it is "limited in our ability to influence Ukrainian law, including the application of martial law and the mobilization law to Ukrainian citizens." ...So the US is "limited" in its "influence" at a moment American taxpayers are pouring billions into the Zelensky government's coffers.

Amazingly, the embassy alert further advises all dual US-Ukrainian nationals still in the country to "shelter in place and obey all local orders."

The Embassy added: "If you are not currently in Ukraine, we strongly recommend against all travel to Ukraine by US citizen males aged 18 to 60 who also have Ukrainian citizenship or a claim to Ukrainian citizenship and who do not wish to stay in Ukraine indefinitely. There is an extremely high risk you will not be allowed to depart, even with a US passport."

As for the severe manpower crisis among Ukraine armed forces, the Washington Post recently highlighted that combat commanders say newly-mobilized soldiers are arriving at the front lines so poorly-trained and clueless that they can't even disassemble their weapons,

One soldier described his basic training as "complete nonsense... everything is learned on the spot [at the front lines]." An officer who'd trained recruits said their rifle training was limited to just 20 rounds per soldier. 

Videos have long circulated of recruitment officers grabbling young men caught in public for conscription...

At this point it seems the military is simply grabbing any man it can, and soon even Americans (dual citizens) caught walking Ukraine's streets. Ukraine's military is fairing so poorly in places like Kharkiv oblast that young men fear that being sent to front line positions is basically a death sentence.