Watch: Powerful Blast Rocks Latin America's Largest Explosive-Grade Ammonium Nitrate Plant

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 16, 2021 - 06:26 PM

A powerful explosion has rocked the Enaex acid plant, which is located south of Calama, Chile, on Friday afternoon, according to Chilean news Meganoticias

Enaex is the largest producer of explosive-grade ammonium nitrate in Latin America. The incident occurred within the acid plant where nitroglycerin is stored. 

At the moment, the official number of injured is unknown. The mayor of Calama, Daniel Agusto, told CNN Chile that the powerful explosion "was felt in almost the entire city" and even "traffic was cut off."

'"There are about 25 injured who are being transferred to the Carlos Cisternas y del Cobre Hospital. Various gravity. The explosion was felt throughout Calama. It destroyed the Enaex acid plant. That plant that works with explosives is three kilometers from the houses in the city," according to one Twitter user who also posted a stunning picture of the explosion.

Here's a video of the explosion sending a large column of smoke into the atmosphere. 

A video of the explosion as it was happening. 

Video from within the plant. 

Another view of the explosion. 

So does this mean Latin America's largest producer of explosive-grade ammonium nitrate is offline?