Watch: Gaza Rockets Narrowly Miss Cars Traveling On Israeli Highway

In retaliation for an Israeli airstrike that killed a high-ranking member of the militant group Islamic Jihad, Palestinian militant factions in Gaza fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel on Tuesday, Haaretz reports.

Though there were no casualties, one of the rockets fired from Gaza hit an intersection south of Tel Aviv on Route 4, near the town of Gan Yanve, narrowly missing several cars.

Stunning footage taken from a traffic camera shows how close the rockets came to actually hitting a car head-on:

Footage captured by a bus driver showed the rocket attack from another angle

The Islamic Jihad official killed by the Israelis was Baha Abu al-Ata, the head of the military council of the Al-Quds Brigade, Islamic Jihad's military arm.

He commanded the organization's operations in northern Gaza, but was a well-known figure across the territory.

The targeted senior Islamic Jihad official was Baha Abu al-Ata. Ata headed the military council of the Al-Quds Brigade, the military arm of the Islamic Jihad.

Also on Tuesday, Israel carried out an attack against another suspected Islamic Jihad official living in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Though the official escaped harm, the attack ended up killing one of his sons.

Syrian media reported that two were killed and six wounded in the Damascus attack, but Syrian media report offered no additional information.