Watch: IDF Uses Medieval Catapult Weapon To Ignite Concealed Hezbollah Positions

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 14, 2024 - 02:00 AM

Israeli soldiers have been filmed firing a trebuchet across the Lebanese border. A trebuchet was common in medieval and ancient times as a siege engine utilizing a long arm and leverage to launch projectiles. Though the footage of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops firing a flaming projectile over a large border wall at first appeared either a joke or PR stunt, the Israeli army on Thursday actually confirmed it was genuine.

The IDF explained in a statement that the weapon is for localized use and is intended to start fires which can flush out Hezbollah fighters hiding in thick brush just near the border. "This is a local initiative and not a tool that has come into widespread use," the IDF statement said. "The area on the Lebanese border is characterized by boulders, thickets, and dense thorn vegetation, which poses a challenge to the IDF forces deployed in defense."

The Telegraph has noted further that "In this case, the device may have been used to clear dense vegetation in the border area which could help the army prevent terrorists infiltrating Israel, suggested Emanuel Fabian, the Times of Israel military correspondent, who initially posted the video." Throughout the more than eight-month long conflict, fires have erupted on both sides of the border, but especially in the north of Israel - with hundreds of acres having been burned, the result of hundreds of projectiles fired by Hezhollah. In south Lebanon, the IDF has at various times reportedly used incendiary drones, Molotov cocktails, and white phosphorous to set fires aimed at Hezbollah positions. Watch the IDF's strange historical throw-back weapon in action...