Watch Live: White House Coronavirus Task Force Delivers Another Update

Update 1720ET): President Trump started tonight's press conference by praising the Fed's second emergency rate cut and decision to usher in full-blown QE 5  and naming the CEOs that he spoke with on a call earlier, the CEOs of grocery chains and food companies.

While Trump didn't come down hard on hoarders, he asked Americans to "please relax" because it's getting out of hand, and he said that the CEOs told him that they need Americans to maybe slow down their panic buying

"It's the first time that I ever heard from a retailer that people are buying too much," Trump joked.

He then went on to thank the members of the task force who are "working around the clock and doing an incredible job," before turning things over to Pence. He mostly focused on the government's efforts to expand testing, including praising New York, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado and other states for setting up "drive thru" testing sites.

*  *  *

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Anthony Fauci (after doing five interviews earlier in the day) and the rest of the White House Coronavirus Task Force will deliver their latest update on their efforts at 5 pm, following the latest team meeting in the situation room.

Will Trump & Pence announce an interstate travel ban? Dr. Fauci said earlier he'd be open to it, though it would create some Constitutional hangups.

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