Watch: Video Of NYPD Officer Brutalizing Bystander During 'Social Distancing' Arrest Sparks Outrage

We've been covering the NYPD's 'War on Barbecuing' since news first broke that the NYPD - presumably at the behest of Mayor de Blasio - was ordering 1,000 more cops to patrol the city's parks and public space to crack down on any 'social distancing' violations with tickets, summonses and arrests.

The same mayor who once dismissed the threat posed by the virus is flexing his muscles after the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg openly defied him last week by gathering for the funeral of a Rabbi, prompting Hizzoner to threaten a crackdown (eliciting an immediate backlash and accusations of anti-semitism).

On Sunday, ABC 6 shared a video of a New York City cop arresting a man and violently taking him down over an alleged social distancing violation.

The video, filmed by a bystander, showed the plainclothes officer, who was not wearing a protective face mask, slapping 33-year-old Donni Wright in the face, punching him in the shoulder and dragging him to a sidewalk after leveling him in a crosswalk in Manhattan's East Village.

Wright was allegedly filming the officer making an arrest for a social-distancing violation before he turned on the bystander instead and threatened to taze him then attacked him, while another bystander filmed the incident.

De Blasio called the video "unacceptable" and said the officer involved has been placed on "modified duty" while internal affairs investigates

NYC is of course the hardest hit area in the entire US, with as many as 20% of the city's population suspected of having been infected with the virus. We suspect the mayor will announce tomorrow that he plans to "ease up" on ticketing and arrests for these types of violations.