Watch What Happens When Climate Alarmists And High Pressure Hoses Mix

An environmental group's plan to paint the British Treasury building in 'blood'-red paint backfired Thursday morning after a decommissioned fire engine experienced a hose malfunction, spraying just about everything but the building in the vicinity with 475 gallons of red liquid. 

The group, Extinction Rebellion, was unable to wrestle the hose back under control, coating the road, sidewalk and front steps of the building in the red water, while a sign which read "STOP FUNDING CLIMATE DEATH" hung from the vehicle. 

The activists’ plan, according to a statement about their protest, was to draw attention to what they say is the British government’s inconsistent messaging on climate change. The government claims to be a world leader in studying the way humans have affected global temperature and the decline of ecosystems worldwide, the activists say, while also pouring “vast sums” into “fossil fuel exploration and carbon-intensive projects.” -WaPo

The activists - three men and one woman, remained on the fire truck and were promptly arrested according to a Met Police spokesman. 

The stunt was conducted ahead of an October 7th coordinated global climate rally called International Rebellion which includes activists from 60 countries, who plan to pressure their governments to act on climate change.

We're guessing Chinese protesters aren't included, nor will there be any protest of the world's largest polluter by volume. 

 The group is calling for a net-zero reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and the creation of a Citizens’ Assembly on “climate and ecological diversity.”

Talking to British radio station LBC on Thursday morning, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the climate change activist group involved in the fire-hose fiasco was responsible for putting additional pressure on a police service that is already “under-resourced and overstretched.” -WaPo

"What a complete disgrace these people are," tweeted Conservative Party politician Susan Hall. "I hope they are made to pay for the removal of this paint and the waste of Police and Fire Officers time. If they think this helps their cause they can think again!"

"People doing stupid things like this, totally undermine the debate put forward by people who genuinely want to address climate change," tweeted another conservative MP, James Cleverly.