Wuhan's Hastily-Constructed 1,000-Bed Coronavirus Hospital Is Already Falling Apart

The 1,000-bed hospital constructed in about a week to handle the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China, opened its doors about 13 days ago, or around Feb 03, has already experienced a massive water leak that has flooded hallways, according to an alleged video posted by Twitter handle Harry Chen PhD on Saturday.

Chen tweeted another video of water falling from the ceiling on hospital beds for virus-infected patients. 

We noted earlier this month that Wuhan's new 25,000-square-meter hospital, one of two new facilities commissioned in response to the virus outbreak, was completed around the first of the month. Here's a time-lapse video of the construction: 

The building of the hospital, and the news headlines that surrounded it, was nothing more than propaganda spread by the Communist Party of China to Western media outlets to obtain the image that everything was under control. However, that narrative of "contained" collapsed last week as confirmed cases in China skyrocketed, and deaths soared, leaving many to believe that the virus crisis is worsening. 

What a disaster the virus outbreak has become. Governments and their corporate media counterparts are failing to control the narrative that everything is "contained" as we close out the second week of Feb.

The virus is going global, and there's no vaccine for at least 12-18 months