Abu Dhabi's Massive New "Snow Park" Has Almost Been Completed

Today in "when you have more oil money than you know what to do with" news, Abu Dhabi's massive 11,612 square meter "Snow Park" is reportedly "well on its way to completion", according to The National

The park, called Snow Abu Dhabi, will be home to the world's largest "snow play area" and will be located in the upcoming Reem Mall on Reem Island. It is set to be finished by the end of 2020. Reem Island is a natural island 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi island that is being jointly built out by property developers and real estate companies.

The entrance to the park will house an area called Snowflake Garden (make your millennial jokes here), which is described as an open-play area with attractions like ice labyrinths. 

The park will also host a Crystal Carousel, which is "centred around a twinkling winter forest and all the magical creatures found within." 

...whatever the hell that means.

The park will maintain an indoor temperature of -2°C (always an easy task in the middle of the desert) and a snow depth of 20 inches. It will also include a retail outlet that will set hats and cold weather clothing. Which, of course, you can then promptly throw out when exiting the park into the 100 degree desert heat.

The park will also include an attraction called Flurries' Mountain that leads to the park's Enchanted Tree. The tree will soar above the park and will have "creative ornamentation" on each of its branches. Employees will be dressed as "winter wonderland-style characters" and, in sum, the park will host 13 different rides and games. 

Chalk this one up as another high quality use of resources in the middle east...