Already-Obese Average Americans Have Drunk & Eaten Their Way To An Extra 5lbs During Lockdown

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 02, 2020 - 11:45 PM

Months of coronavirus lockdowns have resulted in the average American body weight to increase by about five extra pounds, a new survey found. 

With gyms, yoga and spin studios, and recreational facilities closed in most parts of the country; many were forced to "Netflix and quarantine" for several months. 

The study, commissioned by Naked Nutrition, a firm that sells dietary supplements, surveyed 2,000 Americans and found at least half who said they would never get their pre-corona body back.

At least 65% said they had "let themselves go a bit" during the lockdowns. Respondents said it would take several months of intense workouts to revert to their pre-corona weight. 

About three weeks into the lockdown (in early April), Americans resorted to watching porn, drinking beer, smoking pot, and devouring chocolate to cope with quarantine stress and job loss. 

The survey found many folks developed unhealthy habits; a third said the consumption of alcohol surged during lockdowns, and more than 50% said their carbohydrate-loading increased. A little more than half (54%) said they increased vegetable intake, and 46% said they increased protein intake. 

Bloomberg's Michael McDonough shows an exponential jump in US beer, wine, and spirits consumption during the lockdowns. 

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Nearly 64% of respondents said lockdowns made them unhealthy. Two-thirds of respondents said they turned to an in-home exercise routine to counter weight gain. 

When it came to exercise, half bought gym equipment for the home. The top five purchases were yoga mats (45%), a stationary bike (41%), chairs (39%), and ankle weights (39%).

As gyms were forced to close, many went bankrupt, resulting in Americans purchasing Peloton bikes for their home. 

"The COVID-19 has been a stressful time for many, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can support a person's overall health and should remain a priority. This data highlights the importance of finding simple solutions for people to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in isolation," said Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Lauren Manaker in a statement.

The study also said 50% of respondents had added dietary supplements to their daily routine, 44% have started eating protein bars, and 43% have added protein powder to their diet.

Months of lockdowns have made Americans more obese but with mass social unrest across the country, some will clearly burn the excess weight as they run from National Guard troops.