Authorities Blast Swedish Teens Over 'Deliberately Coughing On Elderly' Virus-Challenge

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 02, 2020 - 4:15

The 'Covidiots' have struck again. Authorities in the Swedish municipality of Eslov have warned residents that millennials are running around town "coughing, sneezing, and spitting beside the elderly in the so-called 'coronavirus challenge,'" reported RT News.

Eslov authorities have demanded parents in the town give their kids a stern "talk" after a surge in reports of Covidiots targeting the elderly with unsanitary behavior. At the moment, Sweden has defied the lockdown trend that is present across most of Europe, betting that its citizens will act responsibly during the public health crisis. 

"Some of our elderly have experienced that youths deliberately cough, sneeze and spit near those that are in the city or in shops. Talk with your youths and especially react if you see that someone obviously is trying to provoke and behave disrespectfully. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent infection, and make sure that everyone as much as possible can feel safe. Show consideration, take other people's concerns seriously and take care of yourself and others!"- Translated Facebook post from Eslov municipality.

However, public gatherings over 50 are banned, but there are limited restrictions on private meetings, parties, corporate events, libraries, and gyms. 

Though standing at a bar is prohibited in the country, restaurants still offer table service, and all students over 16 have been asked to study at home. 

With universities and high schools shut, that means some of the youth are running amuck across the country. 

The Times of Sweden said the elderly do not feel safe in public with millennials running up to them coughing and yelling "corona." 

YouTube account "Alpha & Ali," a couple of pranksters in Sweden, recorded video of them going up to strangers on the street while pretending to cough and claiming they have the virus. 

Local Social Democrat politician Maria Hind Alias described Alpha & Ali as a "being general idiots and "pranking" the Corona virus. You think you're cool / cool." 

We noted on Tuesday that a group of American Covidiots on a spring break trip to Cabo tested positive for the virus after ignoring US government travel warnings

A new normal is setting in across the world, the virus isn't going away anytime soon, and will likely hit specific countries in waves. The youth, ignoring social distancing measures and lockdowns, and even in an extreme case, knowingly or at least attempting to spread the virus to the elderly, has made containment efforts rather hard for governments.