Big Brother Bezos Is Now Tracking Amazon Factory Workers With Thermal Imaging Camera

Amazon is installing thermal cameras at its warehouses across the country to detect feverish employees in a bid to speed up screening of potential COVID-19 carriers, reported Reuters

The new cameras measure how much heat a person releases relative to their surroundings, Amazon workers told Reuters, adding that the new process of screening is a much quicker approach than forehead thermometers.

"We implemented daily temperature checks in the locations of our operations as an additional preventative measure to support the health and safety of our employees who continue to provide a critical service in our communities," Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish told The Verge via an email statement. 

 "We are now implementing the use of thermal cameras for temperature screening to create a more streamlined experience at some of our sites," Kish said. 

Screening tents have also been erected at some warehouse entrances. Thermal cameras are expected to be installed at Amazon's Wholefood stores. 

Several employees said if the cameras flag someone, they will be given a second round of checks via a thermometer to determine if they exhibit signs of coronavirus. 

The move by Amazon to increase health monitoring of its workforce comes as 50 warehouse employees in the US have contracted the virus. 

We've reported in recent weeks that employees have conducted several strikes at a New York Amazon warehouse, many of whom demanded the company close the facility for disinfecting after several employees fell ill. 

One warehouse employee in Los Angeles said a screening line wrapped around the facility one day. After the thermal cameras were installed, there was no more line as the process was streamlined. 

Shown below, here is the alleged thermal cameras Amazon has deployed at some locations. It appears Infrared Cameras Inc in Texas powers the device.

Amazon has also been distributing masks and gloves to employees while disinfecting workstations. Other reports note the company is developing a testing lab to screen its employees for COVID-19.

We've noted before the virus has been a cover for corporate America to increase surveillance in the workplace. Now Big Brother Bezos is deploying advanced optical sensors to monitor employees' health.