Brawl At Thrift Store Breaks Out Over One Way Social Distancing Arrows

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 13, 2020 - 02:45 PM

By now, you've all seen them: the arrows that are placed on the floors at stores to try and help customers keep up with social distancing rules. And while you may have even had a friendly engagement with other shoppers about somebody going the wrong way down a "one way" aisle, it was probably nothing like what took place in a Tampa, Florida Goodwill last week. 

Two shoppers wound up under arrest for battery after 29 year old Jenna Sims and 50 year old Paul Turner wound up in a confrontation in a Tampa store “over the floor directions due to COVID-19,” according to The Smoking Gun. Goodwill, like many other stores, had established one-way aisles for customers to walk down.

Sims apparently became upset after noticing Turner going the wrong way down an aisle, which led to an argument.

Sims wound up striking Turner (who, from the mugshots looks like he got the worst of it) “about his body, head, and face.” Turner shoved Sims in response. The police report says that Turner "did not suffer any injuries" from the battery, which doesn't exactly look to be the truth:

Sims, who is 5’ 4”, 125-pounds, seemed to have gotten the better of the 6'3" 220-pound Turner in the altercation. Police say the incident was recorded by security cameras and both parties were arrested for battery, which is a misdemeanor.