China Revives Centuries-Old Social Distancing Hat For Students

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 01, 2020 - 10:20 PM

Students in eastern China wore social distancing hats as they returned to school following the coronavirus outbreak

Images and videos have surfaced on popular Chinese social media platforms of students wearing self-made airplane winged hats on their heads and face masks in a classroom. 

"The longest ever winter vacation for Hangzhou's elementary students ended this week, as first to third grades returned to the classroom. One school in the city, Yangzheng Primary School, gave its students an early assignment: fashion their own homemade "one-meter hats," to remind the youngsters to stay a meter apart at all times," reported RT News

Social distancing hats were only to be taken off during lunchtime, local media said. While walking through doorways and narrow hallways, students had to navigate carefully. These hats have become mandatory in Hangzhou for all students. 

About two hours north up the coast, Shanghai welcomed back middle and high school students. Schools across China have reopened in the last several weeks. Wuhan, the hardest-hit area in China, reopened earlier this month. 

It seems like social distancing hats have been around for centuries. Possible revival? 

Someone has made a social distancing hat with lasers. 

American educators are studying how China is reopening schools amid the threats of another coronavirus wave. Social distancing hats are likely coming to the US when schools open.