COVID Sparks Sexbot "Revolution" As People Ditch Tinder 

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 10:30 PM

About two weeks into lockdowns (so about late March), we said sex with strangers via popular online dating apps would become a distant memory for some as virus fears would pull back on sexual desires. Though we did make a strong point how the sex industry was about to explode:

"As Americans are in mass quarantine and ordered to avoid social gatherings and other people, the good old days of logging into Tinder, Bumble, and or Grindr could be over for now – due mostly because, having sex with strangers could result in a contraction of the virus. 

"This is why the rise of the sex doll industry could be imminent as millions have been forced by the government to practice social distancing to flatten the curve."

Back then, we pointed out how sex robot company RealDoll, also known as Abyss, was promoting its "Platinum Grade Silicone" dolls as "antibacterial" and "safe" for use during the pandemic. 

Now, another sex doll company, Sex Doll Genie, has reported, via Daily Star, that demand soared during the pandemic. 

Janet Stevenson, the owner of the doll company, said: "We have lots of products in stock, but we can't work fast enough to keep up with demand." 

"We are hiring as quickly as we can and have created several new roles in fulfilment management and customer support in both the US and Europe."

Sex Doll Genie saw a 51.6% jump in orders from single men in February and March, with a 33.2% increase YoY from couples in April. 

The co-founder of the company, who goes by the name Amit, told Daily Star, next-generation sexbots will soon be available to customers that include breathing and human-like heartbeat. 

"For one of the brands we have now, it's called AI AI-Tech, who have taken the next leap and have added some AI to it. 

"There is one coming out by the end of this year where you can hear the heartbeat and hear them breathe.

"I haven't seen them used on a person yet, they are still in production, but we are getting to the point where we can call them a sex robot, but technically they are sex dolls as well.

"I'm waiting for a way you can just plug in your Alexa or Siri into your doll, and your doll will just start talking to you.

"We already have that technology in our pockets, we just haven't used them for a doll yet.

"These are just plans, nothing official yet, but we're tinkering along with how we can put dolls in a mode where they can just talk to you, or flirt with you, all those romantic things you would expect your doll to do," Amit said. 

Stevenson said: "We are seeing the sex doll industry go through a revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic with a huge increase in orders from both couples and male and single females." 

"Couples who have been quarantined together seem to be much more open to trying something new after possibly experimenting more during the lockdown.

"We are also seeing more single men and women placing orders for the first time; we think this is because they view solo play as a safer alternative to dating apps like Tinder right now.

“What’s interesting about this massive increase in demand is that we are also seeing a changing demographic which is very positive for the sex doll industry and speaks to changing attitudes at home.

"The traditional stereotype of loners choosing sex dolls as a last resort is totally inaccurate.

"What we are seeing now is doll use is going mainstream with men and women both enthusiastic about bringing a doll into their bedroom," he said.

As the sex doll revolution heats up, it comes at a troubling time when the number of children born in the US hits 35-year low.

We previously noted, Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, who explained the "ongoing collapse in US population growth:" 

"In 2019, US population growth fell to +1.55m or +0.5%...this was due to a trifecta of declining births, lower immigration, and higher deaths than anticipated.  However, as with everything "2020", all three trends are only intensifying to blow away 2019.  Births are falling faster and further, deaths moving higher with Corona-virus and drug related overdoses, and immigration nearly non-existent.  Thus, US population growth will likely dip to "just" 1 million or +0.3% this year.  And while I anticipate (or think it feasible) that immigration could return to 2019 levels eventually, births will almost surely continue falling and deaths rising more than anticipated.  The simple outcome of this is an ongoing collapse in US population growth which is far larger than in scope than the current Corona-virus pandemic."

With people ditching Tinder and other popular dating apps for sex dolls, combine with millennials too broke to have children, now millions more as many were thrown into instant poverty via the economic crash, the most epic baby bust this country has ever seen could be underway. Maybe the Trump administration should start paying people to have sex, just give them more handouts via Cares Act.