Dining In The Financial District Will Never Be The Same 

New York City has been the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now Mayor Bill de Blasio has made remarks considering a phased reopening of the city by the first half of June. When New Yorkers emerge from their homes, they will see an entirely different world, one where social distancing will reshape the landscape of many public areas and commercial spaces. 

Though the Big Apple is a ways off from opening its bars and restaurants. One eatery in the Financial District has offered a view into what the post-corona world of the restaurant industry is going to look like. 


FOX 5 New York reports the Brooklyn Chop House has redesigned its dining hall with social distancing in mind. 

Owner Stratis Morfogen said customers can expect to wear a facemask, eat between dividers, and be screened at the door, all moves that will hopefully limit virus transmission risk. 

Morfogen said before the patron steps onto the dining floor, they will be screened by an ultraviolet thermal body scanner. 

"The ultraviolet kills anything that's on your clothing," he said. 

He said the scanner will take the guest's temperature and if someone registers over 99.7 Fahrenheit, staff would immediately deny them access. 

Morfogen also said he's building a second restaurant that will be "contact-free with the staff." Customers at the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will soon have the ability to order via app or phone and pick up through food lockers. He assured this way there will be "zero human interaction." 

In the last several months, we have allowed readers to peer inside what a post-corona world could look like and how public spaces are rapidly changing with social distancing in mind:

Social distancing will completely reshape how consumers and businesses interact in the economy. Welcome to the post-corona world...