Flyover Folk Fume As TX Court Okays A Seven-Year-Old's Transition

Authored by Sarah Cowgill via,

What a week it was for the folks in flyover states. The first hard frost banished those annoying little insects back to the Hell from whence they came, fall foliage erupted in a burst of reds, umber, and orange, and the harvesting of crops was finally underway. But mouths fell agape as one Texas dad went to court in an attempt to keep his ex-wife from transitioning their seven-year-old boy into a girl, jeers at hints that Hillary may be attempting a comeback, and cheers as the Republicans seemingly – finally – grew a pair and stormed a secret squirrel Democratic Caucus meeting.

Adam Schiff

If nothing else was accomplished, the look of astonishment on the sour face of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) raised spirits of an impeachment-exhausted nation.  Just this past week, 184 Republicans backed a bill to censure Mr. Schiff for his handling, or mishandling, of the impeachment investigative requirement. But frustrations reached a fevered pitch, and Republicans stormed a closed hearing room to demand answers.

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) rallied the beleaguered electorate through remarks on Twitter: “I have fought from #Afghanistan to West Africa – I have operated in countries in third world countries who have fairer processes to deal with their elected leadership than what we see today.”

Of course, the Democrats warbled and whined, but it was all for naught as the once Silent Majority applauded the efforts of 24 Republican representatives. As Idaho Falls voter Steve Preuss stated, “Well, there are now 24 republicans I would vote for in 2020. I’m not very interested in those who are sitting on their hands.”

And most heartlanders agreed: It was a good start that needed to gain momentum.

In Traverse City, MI, Kay Doty celebrated the uprising:

“We the people want action. I’m glad some members of Congress have the guts to call these people out,” while down the road a pace in Shelby Township, Bob Bucci went a bit further: “I say we storm the polls come election day. Not only just for Donald Trump but to vote these crooked Democrats out. We owe that much to Donald Trump after all he’s done for us. PS … no RINOs.”

Cheryl Wuelfing in Tennessee took aim at the lame stream press, “What has happened to our press??!! When did it become ok to support and help communism tactics??!!! I hope to God President Trump’s fight rubs off on the Republicans.”

Yet it was John Baldasarre’s words that had commenters signing up to assist: “They should have gave Pencil neck a wedgie while they were at it!”

This Is Out Of Hand

An event in Texas has the Lone Star voters and the rest of the common-sense thinking electorate foaming at the mouth to lock up a pediatrician for child abuse. Dr. Anne Georgulas, a mother of twin seven-year-old boys, apparently wants a little girl and has petitioned the court to allow a chemically medical transition on one twin, which would include puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. One thoughtful Oklahoman asked, “If he doesn’t go through puberty how does he even know he wants to be a girl?”

“James” or as the mother refers to him, “Luna.”

A good question, though a lot of folks went a bit radical on answers. No one was for allowing the mother the right to practice medicine on any other child, and many were all for removing the twins from her custody.

In Texarkana, Jimmy James was shaken.

“So sick. Shouldn’t be allowed to do this. It’s a decision that this kid when an adult should make.  The mother is insane !!!”

Tinna Alongi wasn’t very kind in her assessment of the situation:

“Hard to fathom a jury sided with the mother, allowing her sole medical rights.  Also hard to fathom this bats**t crazy mother is a pediatrician.”

She’s Back – Ugg

Also during the roller coaster ride through the Middle America came the drumbeat emanating from the Swamp that Hillary Clinton was prepping to run – and win – in 2020 against President Donald Trump.  Becky Ronstadt in North Dakota simply asked, “Hillary who?”  While others repeated a single word: “Benghazi.”

But along with the horror from many at the thought of Hillary running again, some welcomed a second, perhaps even more humiliating jaunt through the history books for the Clinton Clan matriarch.  Or as Mike Culver, said: “That’s Hillaryous.”