Free COVID Testing For Ultra Rich At This Miami Condo High Rise 

It must be wonderful being ultra-rich in South Florida, living in a multi-million dollar flat overlooking the clear blue water. What's even better about being an elite in a pandemic is that you can receive free virus testing while some parts of the country suffer shortages. 

A luxury condo building in South Beach, Florida, somehow obtained a bulk shipment of COVID-19 antibody tests that it plans to offer for free to its residents and employees. 

Remember, a little over a week ago, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan had a planeload of antibody tests flown in from South Korea due to shortages. He then deployed the National Guard to guard the tests at an undisclosed location because there was a risk the federal government would confiscate them. 

Forbes' Amy Dobson says Continuum South Beach, a 522-unit resort-style oceanfront condominium tower, is working with doctors from Mount Sinai hospital and USA Sports Medicine to administer virus testing in the near term. 

"We're redirecting our funds to things that are more important to our residents right now, which is health and safety," Rishi Idnani, director of operations at the building, told Forbes. "We were able to negotiate a bulk rate for the antibody testing [that] was paid directly by the association as a service."

Idnani said he did not provide the total number of residents in the building but said approximately 400 have agreed to be tested, along with 120 employees. Management has stockpiled six months of gloves and masks, in preparation for the hurricane season that will start later this summer. The storing was also in preparation for a possible second virus wave that could arrive in fall. 

A post-corona world will drive free virus testing for residents in luxury buildings across South Florida. Several miles away on Fisher Island, the country's most affluent zip code, the community secured test kits, according to Business Insider. 

While virus test shortages remain a problem in some regions in the country, President Trump outlined on Monday that tests are plentiful.