'Full Of $hit' - Swedish City Spreads Manure On Parks To Stop Crowds Gathering

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 01, 2020 - 03:45 AM

Cases and deaths of COVID-19 continue to rise in Sweden, which has a death rate of 12%, the sixth-highest in the world among countries with more than 1,000 confirmed cases, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University. The European country has had a relaxed approach of not imposing a countrywide lockdown versus other countries on the continent. This has led to one town at the southern tip of the country, dealing with the threat of a potential outbreak as residents ignore rules, to dump tons of chicken sh*t in a local park to deter people from congregating, reported The Guardian.

Officials in the town of Lund dumped chicken sh*t across a local park at the heart of the +90,000 person city. 

"Lund could very well become an epicenter for the spread of the coronavirus on the last night in April, [so] I think it was a good initiative," the chairman of the local council's environment committee, Gustav Lundblad, told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

"We get the opportunity to fertilize the lawns, and at the same time it will stink and so it may not be so nice to sit and drink beer in the park," Lundblad said, adding that the only potential drawback was that the smell may not be confined to the park.

"I am not a fertilizer expert, but as I understand it, it is clear that it might smell a bit outside the park as well," Lundblad admitted. "These are chicken droppings, after all. I cannot guarantee that the rest of the city will be odorless. But the point is to keep people out of the city park." drawback was that the smell may not be confined to the park."

Sweden followed a more unconventional route to the lockdowns versus its European neighbors. The country has opted for strict social distancing leaving much of its economy open -- basically, attempting to avoid an economic collapse that has been seen in Germany and other European countries along with the US

President Trump tweeted Thursday that America was "paying heavily" for its nationwide lockdown decision. "Despite reports to the contrary, Sweden is paying heavily for its decision not to lockdown. As of today, 2462 people have died there, a much higher number than the neighboring countries of Norway (207), Finland (206), or Denmark (443). The United States made the correct decision!" Trump tweeted. 

Officials are attempting to deter people from Walpurgis Night, celebrated on April 30, the eve of the Christian feast day of Saint Walpurga, where bonfires, dancing, and celebration are usually seen. The event generally brings about 30,000 residents from the town. Preventing residents from celebrating is a move by officials to thwart a second coronavirus wave.