Indian Cops Use Metal Tool To Grab Social Distancing Dissidents

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A video out of India shows police officers using a bizarre metal contraption to grab dissidents who violate coronavirus social distancing rules.

“Hands up!” barks a police officer at a man during a demonstration of the tool, which looks like a kind of cattle prod but presumably isn’t electrified (yet).

The dissenter is then entrapped by the mechanism, which closes around his body like some kind of venus fly trap for humans.

It could also be described as a sort of handcuff for the entire body.

The officer then uses the tool to push the man towards the back of a van.

“Thanks to this over-sized pick-up reacher, the police can now arrest Covid dissidents without risking infection,” writes Toby Young.

While Singapore’s robot dog is a significantly more high tech way of enforcing social distancing, India seems to prefer going old school.

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