Italian Doctor Implores Rest Of World: "Lock Your Nations Down Now... Or Face This!"

Judging by the following extremely disturbing news story from Sky News, hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman was on to something when he warned President Trump that "hell is coming."

"America will end as we know it," warned the infamous hedge fund manager, unless President Trump shuts down the country for 30 days to contain the fast-spreading coronavirus, calling it the only option to rescue the economy.

The crisis gripping the town at the centre of the global COVID-19 crisis in Italy has been witnessed by Sky News' Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay., who exclaims: "they're fighting a war here... and they're losing."

Italy has hit a grim milestone in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic... with deaths now soaring above China's:

...and authorities there want to send a warning to the rest of the world:

"lock your nations down now... or face this!"