Shocking Footage Inside NYC Hospital Reveals Outbreak 'War Zone' As Patients Pour In

“Well, this is a warzone, a medical warzone,” Dr. Arabia Mollette told CBS New York at Brooklyn’s Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, which has been at maximum capacity after a huge influx of critical COVID-19 patients. “Every day I come, what I see on a daily basis is pain, despair, suffering and healthcare disparities.”

Currently there are over 51,000 confirmed cases in New York City, after earlier this week Gov. Cuomo predicted as many as 16,000 deaths would result across New York state. “This is not just New York,” he said, citing projections produced by the Gates Foundation. “If you believe these numbers — 16,000 deaths in New York — that means you’re going to get tens of thousands of deaths outside of New York.”

The below shocking footage was produced by the CBS affiliate, revealing the growing strain and chaos which has hit New York hospitals over the past week, now as the total US death toll has soared past 6,000 with 1,562 of these in NYC alone.

"Patient beds line the hallways at Brookdale - there's physically no more room as every inch of this building is now being used," the CBS narrator observes in the segment.

CBS New York provided the following description of what its reporters saw:

This hospital has 370 beds, but that’s not enough.

Not only are they running out of room for the sick, they’re running out of room for those who’ve died. The morgue is filled and a refrigerated trailer is now parked outside for overflow.

One thing they have been able to do is develop rapid testing in-house with the ability to conduct 300 tests per day.

Thus far over 100 COVID-19 infected patients have walked through the ER doors, with at least another 70 suspected cases under investigation.

“This virus sees no it is no difference,” Dr. Mollette said further. “It has nothing to do with age, has nothing to do with access to healthcare, has nothing to do with socio-economics, race or ethnicity. This virus is killing a lot of people.”

“We need prayer, we need support, we need gowns, we need gloves, we need masks, we need more vents, we need more medical space, we need psychosocial support as well,” she said.

“It’s not easy coming in here when you know that what you’re getting ready to face,” the doctor added.

The footage confirms an alarming scenario likely soon to come to other major urban hot spots across the country: dozens of the sick are being treated in open hallways for lack of enough patient rooms, creating a more dangerous 'high risk' atmosphere for the doctors, nurses, and staff on the front lines.