There'll Be "Close To Zero" New Virus Cases By End Of April, Elon Musk Tweets, Says Children "Essentially Immune"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Mar 20, 2020 - 08:35 AM

Today in news of double standards...

While Zero Hedge remains banned from Twitter for suggesting that a Chinese level-4 biolab experimenting with bat coronavirus (which is 96% genetically identical to COVID-19) - located roughly 900 feet 20 miles from the Wuhan wet-market widely considered as 'ground zero' for the new disease - may have had something to do with the global outbreak the novel coronavirus, Elon Musk has been free to spread as much dangerous misinformation and just general dickishness about the virus as he wants.

(Update: China's CDC is located roughly 900 feet from the wet market, whereas the level-4 biolab is located roughly 20 miles away)

Over the last couple of weeks, we have documented Musk publicly stating that the panic over the virus was "dumb" and then doubling down on that statement. We've watched him downplay the impact of the worst global pandemic in nearly a century to his workers. We have also watched him humiliate himself in a public feud with Alameda County over whether or not he should be allowed to keep his Fremont factory open and producing vehicles while the rest of California is now on lockdown.

Last night on Twitter, Musk took it one step further, incorrectly asserting not only that children are "essentially immune" from the coronavirus, but also prognosticating that there would be "probably close to zero new cases in the U.S." by the end of April.

Contrast these statements with a recent New York Times article pointing out a study of over 2,000 children with the virus in China, which notes that babies were "especially vulnerable" to developing a severe infection. Additionally, many experts have predicted that the virus will continue to spread well into the summer, with some suggesting that it could even come back for a "Round 2" during the fall season (similar to what the Spanish Flu did). 

And so both of Musk's statements are complete nonsense and despite Twitter's renewed efforts to remove disinformation regarding the virus from its platform, Musk still has an account and has not faced a suspension as a result of these statements. 

Ryan Mac at Buzzfeed apparently asked Twitter about what appears to be their stunning double standard for Musk. He said that Twitter told him Musk's Tweet "does not violate its new policies around coronavirus misinformation" and that "Twitter declined to explain the rationale behind its decision.":