Three In Four Americans Have Self-Isolated In Their Household: Gallup

Authored by Justin McCarthy of Gallup,

Three in four Americans say they have completely (28%) or mostly (47%) isolated themselves from people outside their household.

The percentage who are self-isolating rapidly increased between March 16 and 26, but has shown only modest change since then.

These results are from a probability-based Gallup Panel survey, conducted online April 3-5. Currently, 16% say they are partially isolated, while 6% have isolated a little. Few Americans (3%) say they have not made any attempt to isolate themselves at all.

In the initial Gallup Panel survey, conducted March 16-19, Americans were about equally likely to report being isolated versus not isolated. The percentage who reported self-isolating increased to 64% in the week that followed, reaching 69% one week later.

Gallup found some differences by subgroup:

  • The more dense the area where a person lives, the more likely they are to self-isolate. Residents of urban areas (84%) are more likely than those living in suburbs (79%) and rural areas (67%) to say they are completely or mostly isolated from people outside their home.

  • Among political party identification groups, Democrats (84%) are most likely to report being completely or mostly isolated. Most independents (73%) and Republicans (66%) have isolated themselves to the same degree.

  • Americans who are not currently working (84%) are more likely to report isolation than those who are currently working (69%).