Vegas Has Officially Reopened: This Is What It Looks Like

After 78 days of silence, the clinking-clanking of slot machines, whoosh of fountains, and chink of cheers-ing glasses is back in Las Vegas as Casinos reopened for gaming at 1201am on Thursday.

While buffets and shows (and strip clubs) remain closed...

(and not all properties are reopening today), "Play It Safe" is supposedly the priority (plexiglass, masks and social distancing reminders)...

As the sun rose Thursday on the Fremont Street Experience, gambler Eddie Gonzalez emerged from the Fremont with three friends. He’d been putting some wagers down and hadn’t lost money, but he hadn’t won any either.

“Even,” Gonzalez said. “Even is winning.”

Drew Casen, a Henderson man who described himself as “an international grand master of a game called bridge,” was waiting for doors to open with a suitcase in hand.

The 70-year-old, wearing a face mask unlike the handful of other guests at 8 a.m., said he’s been coming to the casino for 20 years to play craps. He got a room for two nights to celebrate the reopening and “get out of the house.”

“I’ve been cooped up for almost three months at home,” Casen said.

But... it seems visitors are more than willing to get a little closer...

Much like the protesters on the streets?

And there is plenty of room by the pool... for once!

The Bellagio is ready...

All-in-all - let's hope that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" as these gamblers (both monetarily and health-wise) head back to their homes.