Violence Against Women Continues To Rise In Germany

Murder, manslaughter and physical injury, rape, stalking, deprivation of liberty and forced prostitution are all examples of domestic violence, of which women are particularly affected, and, as Statista's Martin Armstrong points out, in the past year, cases of domestic violence against women have increased in Germany again.

According to a recent study by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), presented today by German family minister Franziska Giffey, 81 per cent of victims of domestic partnership violence in Germany in 2018 were women. Giffey said the figures were shocking:

"They show that far too many women continue to suffer violence from their partner or ex-partner. More than once per hour in 2018, a woman in a relationship was dangerously injured."

Infographic: Violence against women continues to rise in Germany | Statista

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According to the BKA, 122 women were killed by their partners or ex-partners in 2018, slightly less than in the previous year. Overall, however, the number of acts of violence committed by a partner has increased - from 113,965 in 2017 to 114,393 female victims in 2018. In addition, there were 26,000 men who were threatened, coerced or injured by their partner or ex-partner.