Watch: Cops Called After Report Of Man Strangling Young Females For Not Social Distancing

The social unrest that comes with locking an entire country down for 45 days is starting to bubble to the surface.

At least, that was the case in Louisville, Kentucky, where police are reviewing Facebook video of a confrontation that took place after a man reacted violently to teenagers not following social distancing rules. 

Police were called out to a community called Norton Commons last Friday night after it was reported that a man had "shoved several young females and tried to strangle another", according to WAVE 3 News.

Video of the altercation made its way onto Reddit, where it was posted under the title “Man strangles teenage girl for failing to social distance.”

No arrests have been made and the suspect has yet to be identified. Local police put out a statement over the weekend, saying: 

We are aware of this video and officers from the 8th Division responded to a call to this incident (Friday) and took a report.

Obviously, we do not advise individuals concerned about social distancing to take matters into their own hands and confront people about it, especially in any physical way. We ask people who are concerned about large gatherings to call 311 or 911 to report their concerns.

On Monday, it was confirmed that the man in the video is an independent contractor who works as a physician for Baptist Health. He is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

We guess he forgot the part in the hippocratic oath where it says "do no harm, including strangling random people on the street". 

Neighbor Chris Shinn said: “For someone to lay their hands on a child, I don’t care who you are or what they did. We don’t need this here and it’s ridiculous.”

Louisville Urban League President and CEO Sadiqa Reynolds also had to weigh in: “These are grown people who assaulted young people. They’re kids, and we need to deal with it like that has to be stopped, and he and his wife have to be held accountable.”

A police spokeswoman concluded: “We know people are out there saying, ‘Hey guys, you should probably social distance’. That’s one thing, if you’re being polite and it’s your neighbors, we don’t want you to take it into your own hands, and you certainly should never get physical.”

The full video can be seen here:

Man strangles teenage girl for failing to social distance - Is this Norton Commons? from r/Louisville